Release note

We release update every two months. If you want any features included in new update, please send us email. We review any requested features with power users. The priority is determined by the popularity of the request and difficulty of implementation. Thanks :)

. Upgraded backup and restore module
. Upgrade export module
. Added admin tools (please use with caution)

. Upgraded Amazon, Google integration module (if you see problem in connection, please reset the link in "Default email & Sign-in" section of Settings screen)

. Fixed program bug in backup scheduler and flixter hot list

. Upgraded Date and Time picker dialog
. Upgraded backup module (Max. no of backups, Latest database image copy)
. Upgraded Google integration module
. Fixed Flixster loading problem

. Fixed bugs in Amazon search screen

. Added search for check in & out entries
. Added multi-select in All items screen
. Added new scanner, QR droid

. Added manual search in BulkScan
. Added existing item check in BulkScan
. Added "Movie poster image" display option.

. Added Bulk scan and import screen
. Added menu option for shortcut button setting in main screen
. Revised the program logic for the attached image handling 
. Added duplication option for task items

. Added check in & out entries in Google spreadsheet export

. Fixed problem in template title display

. Fixed bug in amazon search with title
. Fixed export problem caused by null value
. Fixed the display problem in product description (with HTMML tags).
. Revised main icon for high resolution screen.

. Added feature to import entry icon. 
. Added attachment info in export file
. Added Google Drive upload option in single entry share menu.
. Fixed task and expense list refresh bug
. Fixed text overwrap bug in entry list
. Revised Background color setting screen.
. Fixed tag import problem when multiple tags with comma delimiter is defined in import file. 
. Reduce the package file size

. Updated Flixster integration
. Updated Amazon integration

. Added new barcode scanner (QuizkMark)
. Added search option for Amazon local servers
. Bug fixes

. Bug fix in sub-category and location screen
. Added automatic quantity update setting based on check in/out entries
. Added GDocs uploader (rtf format with image)
. Added "Send" MENU option in Item view screen

. Added sub-level concept in Category and locations
. Minor bug fixes

. Added add & menu icons in screen headers
. Fixed bug in Category > Select icon list browsing
. Added more fields in template

. Revise online backup settings
. Added add & menu icons in screen headers
. Added scanner selection options in Settings
. Added page feature in Report screen.

. Added dialog pop-up for product description
. Added "Add" button in Catalog, Location and Tag dialog.
. Fixed bug in Reminder
. Fixed bug in Simple expense list

. Added new screen. Multiple item processing. Update. Added new screen. Multiple item processing. Delete
. Added new screen. Multiple item processing. Scan & Update
. Added AND or OR condition in tag based search
. Added a setting for default process when only one item is found by search.
. Fixed problem in Amazon database query.

. Hot fix for ICS. fixed connection problem for Google Docs

. Fixed bugs in 3rd party Barcode scanner integration
. Minor bug, screen design, documentation fixes